Just picked up my 1st Ubiquiti firewall

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    I just replaced my Cisco RV130W router with the EdgeRouter Pro firewall (for home). I am so happy with this device. The setup was simple and the performance is amazing. Looking forward to getting more devices from Ubiquiti. While I know CLI for Cisco (somewhat), it is nice not having to use that interface to set up a router / firewall. I use Cisco Meraki at work. For the cost, I like the Ubiquiti better. They stil have some work to do, but for the basic to itermediate setup, the GUI does a good job.


    Yes, that is a cisco switch under the router. I still have 2 cisco switches and 2 cisco WAP's that I need to replace with Ubiquiti devices.

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    "Cisco Switch" :P  I hate those SG's.

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    Yeah that's definitely a "Cisco Switch"… Those SG's are disgusting. I'd rather have the real deal. I've got 3850's several stacks at work. I have 3750g stacks at home soon to upgrade to 3850's.

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