Setting Up my first AC device

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    I have got R5AC Ptmp, I have configured it.

    I would like to have your suggestions, what I am doing wrong and how can I improve it?Screenshot_28.jpg



    What is the use of airmagic?

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    What are you using for your clients? I see you have mix mode selected. Are you using a M5 product for clients? UBNT M5 clients require FW 6.0+.

    AirMagic, once connected to clients, will allow you to see the RF of the AP and the Clients. This allows to you pick the best channel and channel size for the situation based on what everyone "sees".

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    1. I am using Litebeam M5 for most of the clients and will use Litebeam M5 AC for clients requiring higher bandwidth

    2. So I have to keep changing channel?

    And R5 AC Ptmp only offers 5 channels.

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