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    Yeah its a quite large home but we have a 2 Home Offices and a number of employees which connect remotely.

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    Ive updated the post to try and explain.

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    I enjoy looking at networks, hopefully you like mine!

    If you have any questions feel free to leave them in the comments and i'll try to answer them to the best of my ability.

    Internet: BT FTTP (1000 down / 220 up) Mbps

    1x EdgeSwitch 48 Lite (Core)

    1x UniFi Switch 24-250W (Distribution, 4Gb copper uplink to core)

    2x UniFi Switch 8 (Access, 1Gb copper uplink to distribution each + 1gb interconnect between each switch)

    1x TP-Link 3424 24Port (Access, 4Gb copper uplink to core + 2Gb Copper uplink to distribution)

    1x TP-Link SG108E (Access, 1Gb uplink to USW-8)

    1x EdgeRouter 8 (Router Only - No WAN Firewall Configuration)

    1x BT Fibre Converter

    See network topology below

    3x UniFi AC AP Pro

    1x Custom Built Server (ESXi, 32gb RAM, 4C 8TH, 10gb nic)

    1x HP Microserver Gen8 (ESXi, 16gb RAM, 2C, 4gb nic)

    1x Synology DS1815+ (16gb RAM, 5x 3TB Red WD, 3x 500gb Samsung 850 SSD) (Primary Storage)

    1x Synology DS413j (4x 500gb HDD) (Backup Storage)


    2x Windows Server 2016 Essentials  (AD, CA, DNS, DHCP, NPS)

    5x Ubuntu Server 16.04.2 (UniFi, DNS, 3xLAMP)

    1x Sophos XG Firewall (Web Proxy + L7 Firewall)

    1x macOS Server Sierra (Apple Cache, AirPrint Server)

    1x DockerDSM

    Number of VLANs: 20


    1: UniFi Controller

    Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 10.28.26.png

    2: Switches + Router

    IMG_1784 (1).jpg

    3: ServersIMG_1783.JPG

    4: Entire Rack

    IMG_1780 (1).jpg

    5: Topology

    Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 15.30.13.png

    In response to comments:

    <u>Why did you not go for a full UniFi or a full EdgeMax solution instead of mix-and-match? FROM miguemely</u>

    Good question, thanks for asking

    The one factor to consider is the timing of my purchases, this was purchased over the last 2 years.

    I brought the USG Pro 4 - big mistake - no firewall configuration at the time so returned immediately and replaced it with the ER8 which was cheaper anyway.

    I also needed layer 3 switch, brought the UniFi Switch being mislead, like many others, into thinking it was layer 3. Then I realised it wasn't but still needed a POE switch so i kept it. So ended up i buying the EdgeSwitch 48 because it has layer 3 routing + 10gb SFP+ and it doesn't break the bank.

    However, I REALLY like the UniFi Dashboard and i already had 3 aps, so for access switches (which don't need layer3 routing) such as the two 8 ports I just opted for UniFi because they are much easier to manage.

    While I would like to have the single pane manage that UniFi boasts, for me right now the USG does not fulfill my requirements, and i really need internal routing faster than 1gb. Just as FTZ said "USG is a joke when you're serious about networking" So for now i have to deal with a mixed infrastructure.

    <u>Well true, but the switching gear, how does that tie into that? FROM miguemely</u>

    Simply easy of management. The access switches don't need layer 3 routing, so unifi was a better choice as they are much easier to manage. The 24 Port explained above. Basically i brought thinking it was layer3 and POE. It wasnt layer3 but was POE so kept to use with APs.

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