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    I'll pull some images later today.  Ran without issue for about three months and this started a couple of weeks ago. We are the only player in the area, which is pretty rural. Have ran airview  a few different times with no red flags.

    The event just happened again. 5-hour gap this time. I'm going to replace the radio and see if it changes.

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    Seems like it changed the behaviour a bit, but issues remain.

    The AF5X unit that seems to have the issue of not responding during an event (far side of link which is the  Master), again did not respond during a 2-minute event last night at 10:34 pm and devices behind it were  not  accessible.

    The next event was at 7:35am today for 8-minutes. During this event, the AF5X  unit did reply to pings but seemingly no data flowed through it to other devices. No devices (MT tower router, APs clients, additional OSPF link) behind the AF5X  were accessible during the event,

    At first, timing seemed to change from every 4 hours to  about 9 hours (10:30pm last night to 7:35 this morn), but I see there were also events last night  from 6:05pm-6:19pm, 9:39-9:48 before the monitoring tool was turned back on. So there were events throughout the evening, presumably during heavier traffic, but then a gap from 10:30pm to 7:30am this morn.

    No entries of concern in the log of  of master or slave AF5X. Wierd thing is that neither router  (on each end of link) reports an OSPF link as down. No log entries in routers. Makes me think  little data is getting through but not much. Ping Plotter is set to 2.5 seconds.  Close up  of the two events 10:30pm and 7:30 am are below.


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    I deleted the whole install, reinstalled and restored the database from last week.  Hope it doesn't do it again cause it's a collossal waste of time to go through troubleshooting and reinstalls, and not have monitoring for days.

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    For some reason our AC2 server stopped and won't restart.  When I go to services and start it, it tries to start and then terminates.  Windows 8, I can access the postgreSQL database  with postgre admin tools. Java is installed and working fine (client starts up…but won't connect). I updated it to 2.1 to see if it would help but same issue.

    Using Java 8/121

    Here is the log.

    2017.02.05-14:01:22.625 [SRV] INFO: **** Starting Ubiquiti airControl server ****
    2017.02.05-14:01:22.625 [SRV] INFO: Server version: v2.0.1.2325.170130.0936
    2017.02.05-14:01:22.625 [SRV] INFO: Expected database version: 5
    2017.02.05-14:01:22.626 [SRV] INFO: Server start time: 2017.02.05 14:01:22
    2017.02.05-14:01:22.626 [SRV] INFO: User home : C:\Windows\system32\config\systemprofile
    2017.02.05-14:01:22.626 [SRV] INFO: OS Name : Windows 8
    2017.02.05-14:01:22.626 [SRV] INFO: OS Version : 6.2
    2017.02.05-14:01:22.626 [SRV] INFO: OS Arch. : amd64
    2017.02.05-14:01:22.626 [SRV] INFO: Java version : 1.8.0_121
    2017.02.05-14:01:22.627 [SRV] INFO: Java classpath: C:\Program Files\Ubiquiti Networks\airControl2.install4j\i4jruntime.jar;C:\Program Files\Ubiquiti Networks\airControl2.\lib\ac.jar;C:\Program Files\Ubiquiti Networks\airControl2.\lib\activation.jar;C:\Program Files\Ubiquiti Networks\airControl2.\lib\commons-cli-1.3.1.jar;C:\Program Files\Ubiquiti Networks\airControl2.\lib\commons-codec.jar;C:\Program Files\Ubiquiti Networks\airControl2.\lib\commons-dbcp2-2.1.1.jar;C:\Program Files\Ubiquiti Networks\airControl2.\lib\commons-logging.jar;C:\Program Files\Ubiquiti Networks\airControl2.\lib\commons-pool2-2.4.2.jar;C:\Program Files\Ubiquiti Networks\airControl2.\lib\gluegen-rt-natives-windows-amd64.jar;C:\Program Files\Ubiquiti Networks\airControl2.\lib\gluegen-rt.jar;C:\Program Files\Ubiquiti Networks\airControl2.\lib\gson-2.5.jar;C:\Program Files\Ubiquiti Networks\airControl2.\lib\hk2-api-2.4.0-b31.jar;C:\Program Files\Ubiquiti Networks\airControl2.\lib\hk2-locator-2.4.0-b31.jar;C:\Program Files\Ubiquiti Networks\airControl2.\lib\hk2-utils-2.4.0-b31.jar;C:\Program Files\Ubiquiti Networks\airControl2.\lib\javassist-3.18.1-GA.jar;C:\Program Files\Ubiquiti Networks\airControl2.\lib\javax.annotation-api-1.2.jar;C:\Program Files\Ubiquiti Networks\airControl2.\lib\javax.inject-2.4.0-b31.jar;C:\Program Files\Ubiquiti Networks\airControl2.\lib\javax.ws.rs-api-2.0.1.jar;C:\Program Files\Ubiquiti Networks\airControl2.\lib\jersey-client.jar;C:\Program Files\Ubiquiti Networks\airControl2.\lib\jersey-common.jar;C:\Program Files\Ubiquiti Networks\airControl2.\lib\jersey-container-servlet-core.jar;C:\Program Files\Ubiquiti Networks\airControl2.\lib\jersey-container-servlet.jar;C:\Program Files\Ubiquiti Networks\airControl2.\lib\jersey-guava-2.22.1.jar;C:\Program Files\Ubiquiti Networks\airControl2.\lib\jersey-media-multipart-2.23.jar;C:\Program Files\Ubiquiti Networks\airControl2.\lib\jersey-server.jar;C:\Program Files\Ubiquiti Networks\airControl2.\lib\jetty-all-9.2.17.v20160517.jar;C:\Program Files\Ubiquiti Networks\airControl2.\lib\jogl-all-natives-windows-amd64.jar;C:\Program Files\Ubiquiti Networks\airControl2.\lib\jogl-all.jar;C:\Program Files\Ubiquiti Networks\airControl2.\lib\jsch.jar;C:\Program Files\Ubiquiti Networks\airControl2.\lib\json-simple.jar;C:\Program Files\Ubiquiti Networks\airControl2.\lib\mail.jar;C:\Program Files\Ubiquiti Networks\airControl2.\lib\mimepull-1.9.6.jar;C:\Program Files\Ubiquiti Networks\airControl2.\lib\postgresql-9.4-1206-jdbc41.jar;C:\Program Files\Ubiquiti Networks\airControl2.\lib\servlet-api-3.1.jar;C:\Program Files\Ubiquiti Networks\airControl2.\lib\start.jar;C:\Program Files\Ubiquiti Networks\airControl2.\lib\validation-api-1.1.0.Final.jar;C:\Program Files\Ubiquiti Networks\airControl2.\lib\ac2_db_backup_on_2015.12.20.zip;C:\Program Files\Ubiquiti Networks\airControl2.\lib\ac2_db_backup_on_2016.05.04.zip;C:\Program Files\Ubiquiti Networks\airControl2.\lib\ac2_db_backup_on_2016.09.06.zip
    2017.02.05-14:01:22.827 [LIB] DEBUG: Loading ac_server.properties
    2017.02.05-14:01:23.097 [SRV] DEBUG: initializing AES chiper…
    2017.02.05-14:01:23.367 [SRV] DEBUG: chiper initialized in 270
    2017.02.05-14:01:23.368 [SRV] DEBUG: initializing AES chiper NO-PADDING…
    2017.02.05-14:01:23.368 [SRV] DEBUG: NO-PAD chiper initialized in 0
    2017.02.05-14:01:24.154 [SRV] DEBUG: 2457 nodes loaded in 511ms
    2017.02.05-14:01:24.187 [SRV] ERROR: Failed to start server java.lang.NullPointerException
    at Lf.a(SourceFile:596)
    at ef.a(SourceFile:788)
    at I.a(SourceFile:24525)
    at E.b(SourceFile:260)
    at com.ubnt.ac.backend.AirServerLauncher.a(SourceFile:170)
    at com.ubnt.ac.backend.AirServerLauncher.main(SourceFile:289)
    at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke0(Unknown source)
    at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(Unknown source)
    at sun.reflect.DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(Unknown source)
    at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(Unknown source)
    at com.exe4j.runtime.LauncherEngine.launch(LauncherEngine.java:65)
    at com.exe4j.runtime.WinLauncher$2.run(WinLauncher.java:96)
    2017.02.05-14:01:24.190 [SRV] INFO: Shutting down AirController server via request from services-manager, request code: 0
    2017.02.05-14:01:24.190 [SRV] DEBUG:

    === AC2 Server shutdown initiated by signal on 2017.02.05 14:01:24 … ===

    2017.02.05-14:01:24.191 [SRV] DEBUG: === AC2 Server shutdown completed on 2017.02.05 14:01:24 … ===

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    Dev fw loaded. Will let you know. Thanks!

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    Thank all. In contact with Alex. No VLANs on this link but maybe OSPF could trigger something similar. Fits the pattern anyways.

    VLANS and MPSL  close to being added.

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    Thanks !

    Is there a clear definition of what kind of traffic causes it and if it's anything I can block/filter?

    - would it be possible to get a copy of 4b4 to try before  we climb and replace the radio??  …may have to go this afternoon before the game so clients are bouncing all evening.

    Or Claude , any chance you can share a copy to try if Chuck isn't around on Sunday?



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    Running fw 3.2.1 and upgraded the  two radios on link to 4b2 today to see if it would help.  Problem got worst, now every two hours with little mini  disconnects in between .  I ran airview on a  third device at just one end during an event and no red flags. I will run it  at other end.

    I'm thinking it's not interference as this is a very rural area.  Kind of leaning towards  an AF5X going bad.

    how will 4b4 help?

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